Give Your Jeans Eternal Life!

Jeans are made to last. Wear them as long as possible. When they break, repair them.

If they’re still in good condition but they don’t fit any more, give them to friends or donate them to charity. You can also keep them and repurpose them as scraps for repairing other jeans.

Your last resort is to give the jeans eternal life in The Jeans Museum – especially if you have a vintage, or a really heavily broken-in pair of jeans or denim jacket, no matter how trashed or filthy.

By showing people the power of the natural evolution of raw denim, the aim of the Museum is to convince everyone to create their own personal fades with a long-lasting dark blue raw denim instead of buying cheap fast fashion, which will be thrown away after only a few wears.

Send your jeans donations to:

The Jeans Museum, Wibichstrasse 92, 8037 Zuerich, Switzerland